Looking tired and angry even though you feel great? Botox and Fillers can help you look more rested, alert and awake. Soften crows feet, lift your brows and tighten the skin on your eyelids. Dr. Dean Bloch is an expert at finding solutions that restore your natural beauty, tighten lax skin, and smooth wrinkles around your eyes. Start early to prevent wrinkles and bags from forming.

Botox for crows feet & Brow lift

Soften crows feet and open your eyes. Botox is great for making you look younger, less sleepy and less angry.


  • Smoothes crows feet around the eyes

  • Opens the eyes and raises the brows

  • Fresher, younger appearance


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tear troughS & Bags

Soft, natural-looking fillers to fill in the hollows under the eyes. Look less tired and reduce dark circles and eye bags.


  • Helps hide eye bags

  • Fills-in hollows under eyes

  • Reduce dark circles under eyes

  • Fresher, younger appearance


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Eyes by Thermage

As we age the skin around our eyes can become droopy, hooded wrinkly and creepy. Eyes by Thermage uses targeted radiofrequency to tighten skin around the upper and lower lid and is wonderful way to raise the brow, improve hooding and drooping.


  • Tighten skin around upper and lower lid

  • Improve hooding and drooping

  • Raises the brow


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Endymed 3 Deep RF technology delivers controlled, focused RF energy deep into the skin without any pain or risk, reactivating your natural collagen production to help, tighten, smooth and contour your skin. Reduce wrinkles, lift cheeks and jawline, tighten neck and eyes. Immediate results that get better with time. Series of 6 done weekly.


  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes

  • Improves texture around the eyes

  • Improves laxity around the eyes


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lashes & brows

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Our signature lash and brow treatments deliver amazing results – fuller, thicker brows and lashes for instant beauty and impact. Say goodbye to mascara and pencils. Yes, you can have it all!

Brow Tinting

Say goodbye to brow pencils. Beautiful, natural, long lasting results. Fuller, darker, thicker looking brows in just a half hour. Lasts 4-6 weeks.

30 minutes, $30

Lash & Brow Tint

Look done effortlessly. Say goodbye to mascara and brow pencils! Beautiful, natural, long lasting results. Fuller, darker, thicker looking lashes and brows in just a half hour.

30 minutes, $50

Lash Lift

Drop that eyelash curler! An excellent alternative to extensions or those who have sensitivities. This low maintenance lash lift lasts up to 6 weeks. Perfect for straight or downward facing lashes. Your eyes will look more awake and the lashes will have a beautiful natural curl.

1 hr 30 min, $95

Lash Lift & Tint

You CAN have it all. The best of both worlds. Lash Lift to curl the lashes, Lash Tint to darken them up.

1 hr, $125

Lashes Full Set

Individual, top-quality synthetic lashes are carefully applied to your natural lashes in order to create your desired look. The best option for adding length, volume, and color, this treatment is suitable for anyone. Our certified tech will customize your set based on your existing natural lashes in order to avoid any stress or damage to the hair follicle. Extensions should not detach and will only need to be replenished when the growth cycle of your natural lashes causes loss. New extensions should ideally be applied every two weeks, or whenever there is enough new growth.

2 hours, Natural $175 / Volume $190

Lash Fill

Extensions should be professionally cleansed and replenished every 2-3 weeks in order to maintain desired shape and cleanliness while extending lash retention time.

45 minutes (1-2 weeks) $50
90 minutes (3-4 weeks) $75