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Signature Skin Treatments

Peels, Microderm & Dermaplaning

Microcurrent Facials

Acne Program

Rosacea Program


signature skin treatments


Our signature treatments combine some of our most effective tools that deliver amazing results – Microdermabrasion to exfoliate and ignite cellular turnover, Chemical Peels for additional exfoliating, PhotoFacials to erase sun damage and even skin tone, and OmniLuxLED to promote healing and stimulate natural collagen production.

MicroLED Facial

Combines skin-softening microdermabrasion, pore extraction, and Omnilux LED light, treat sun damage, promote wound healing and stimulate natural collagen production. Topped-off with a collagen mask and infusion of nutrients. Includes neck.




Includes a double duty exfoliation with both a skin softening Microdermabrasion and either a Glycolic or Lactic Acid Peel.




Includes a double duty exfoliation with both a skin softening Microdermabrasion and either a Glycolic or Lactic Acid Peel. Followed by the healing, nourishing, anti-inflammatory OmniLux LED light treatment.



MicroPeel Photofacial

Minimize the effects of aging: wrinkle reduction, sun damage control and extreme exfoliation. The combination treatment of microdermabrasion and chemical peel improves pore appearance, improves texture and activates triple-action collagen stimulation; the Photofacial improves skin tone and radiance. 



Micro Photo

Includes a skin softening Microdermabrasion combined with the anti-aging, work horse, Photofacial that treats sun damage and evens out skin tone.



Micro PhotoLED

Skin-softening microdermabrasion combined with an anti-aging workhorse Photofacial. Treats sun damage and evens skin tone. Omnilux LED lights aid in wound healing and collagen stimulation.



Teen Facial

A cleansing facial designed to help clear skin and reduce oil production.



Three for Me

For superior skin rejuvenation this combination laser treatment treats wrinkles, sun damage and facial vessels in one procedure. Includes a photofacial to address facial discoloration and a fractional laser (1540) to address wrinkles, stimulate collagen and elastin fibers.

3 treatments: $2,700


peels, microdermabrasion & dermaplaning


Want to get rid the skin of old, dead skin? Our Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion and Dermaplaning treatments improve skin texture and aid in product absorption. We use only the most safe, high-quality, medical-grade, Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acids, leaving skin glowing and smooth.

Acid Peels

Glycolic Acid: A natural sugar cane derivative, best for normal to oily skin. Great for lightening age spots and helping to reduce appearance of fine lines. We recommend a series of 6 treatments every 14 days for maximum benefits.

Lactic Acid: A milk derivative, great for dry, mature, sensitive or rosacea skin. Generates cell renewal. We recommend a series of 6 treatments every 10-12 days for maximum benefits.

Salicylic Acid: A Beta Hydroxy Acid. Excellent for acne, helps clear clogged pores and exfoliate oily areas. Helps fade age spots. We recommend a series of 6 treatments every 10-12 days for maximum benefit.



Pigment Balancing Peel

Targets uneven skin tone to improve photo damage and acne-related discoloration. Combines brightening agents with a peeling solution.



Great for rough, uneven skin. Exfoliates dead skin cells, helps reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the lips and eyes. Perfect for brown spots and acne scars. Helps stimulate collagen and elastin fibers. A superb prep for chemical exfoliants and laser procedures.

Hands: $50
Neck: $75
Face: $100
Back: $100
Face & Neck: $175
Décolleté: $100
Face, Neck & Décolleté: $275


A simple and safe procedure for exfoliating and ridding the skin of fine, vellus hair. Using a scalpel and a delicate touch, we abrade the surface of the skin using light, feathery strokes. Achieve smoother, brighter skin; remove peach fuzz. (Despite popular belief, the hair does not grow back thicker.) Dermaplaning is an excellent tool for gentle exfoliation, and a superb prep for other procedures. Includes a peel.



Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is the use of a small device that delivers small micro injuries to the epidermis and dermis of the skin. These small injuries encourage the skin to re-grow, repair and rejuvenate the skin. This is a great way to deliver ingredients such as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), stem cells or hyaluronic acid.


Microcurrent Facial

Microcurrent delivers a small amount of electrical current into the skin, stimulating the facial muscles. Great for collagen stimulation and keeping the skin firm, toned and with a youthful glow, low-level electricity combines with our bodies’ own electrical impulses to trigger movement, like taking your skin to the gym, reeducating the muscles to be healthy and strong. Microcurrent improves ATP production which energizes cellular activity, breaking down old cells and encouraging new, healthy cells to grow. It has a calming effect on Rosacea and softens scar tissue, improves circulation and reduces puffiness and inflammation by stimulating lymphatic movement. No downtime. Results are cumulative. Perfect for red carpet or big event.

$185 / $1300 FOR 8 / $90 ADD-ON

Hydration Facial

A gentle, even, consistent exfoliating treatment that extracts and removes impurities while simultaneously delivering nourishing serums to revitalize skin. Extracts dead skin and debris while delivering high-quality, medical-grade serums. Excellent in addressing dry, aging skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Includes a light chemical peel. No down time. Perfect the day before your big event. Can be done monthly.


Oxygen Vitamin Facial

A nourishing, revitalizing gift for your skin. Pure oxygen, high-quality vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants. Promotes healing and aids in collagen and elastin fiber regeneration.

$110 / 50 Add-On


Acne Program


Get your acne under control. We assess and treat your skin using a variety of treatments including microdermabrasion, chemical peels, therapeutic facials, topical medications and home care products.

Acne Facial

Perfect for teens with active acne between the ages 15 and 18, this deep-cleansing facial reduces breakouts and balances oil production. Includes a cleanse, a light peel, extractions, and application of products and masks to keep oil production low.



Acne Peel

Perfect for teens with active acne between the ages 15 and 18, this Salicylic Chemical Peel reduces breakouts, balances oil production and lightens pigmentation caused by acne.



Blue Light LED for Acne

Blue Light Therapy is a breakthrough treatment that uses a blue light source to effectively treat acne. Recently approved by the FDA,Blue Light Therapy is ideal for both teens and adults. The treatments are quick, painless and noninvasive, and there is no downtime or side effects. Treatments are comfortable, fast, and easy, and most moderate inflammatory acne can be cleared in a series of eight 20-minute sessions. Treatments are twice a week for 4 weeks.

$90; Series of 8: $648


Laser Acne Scar Reduction

Fractional skin resurfacing with the Palomar 1540 uses laser energy ‘microbeams’ to create microscopic columns within the epidermis and into the dermis to initiate the formation of collagen and healthy, new tissue. After treatment with the 1540 Laser, the body’s natural healing process creates new more organized collagen. The deep penetrating laser beams stimulate collagen and skin repair mechanisms, which rejuvenate the skin from the inside out, reducing the appearance of acne scars and discoloration.

Price: By Consultation


Acne Skin Memberships


Get Clear

For teens between the ages of 15 – 18 experiencing active acne, this six-month program focuses on controlling breakouts. Includes both, a monthly Acne Facial with OmniLux LED Blue Light and a monthly Acne Peel with OmniLux LED Blue Light for an aggressive approach to combat breakouts and oil production.

$252/month, 6-month minimum commitment


Stay Clear

For teens between the ages of 15 – 18 who have completed the Get Clear Program, this monthly program focuses on maintaining a clear complexion. Includes either an Acne Facial with Blue Light LED or an Acne Peel with a Blue Light LED plus a second session of Blue light LED on its own for keeping acne and oil-production under control.

$162/month, 6-month minimum commitment


rosacea program

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Get your rosacea under control. We assess and treat your skin using a variety of treatments including lasers, LED lights, therapeutic facials, topical medications and home care products. Let us help you reduce inflammation and redness.

IPL Photofacial for Rosacea

IPL PhotoFacial uses Intense Pulsed Light to safely and effectively improve the appearance of freckles, veins, dilated blood vessels, persistent redness, flushing and acne-like breakouts. Treatments are recommended bi-weekly for 8 treatments.



Red Light LED for Rosacea

Using the Omnilux LED Red Light, this series of treatments reduces erythema, inflammation and prolongs the time of recurrence. Treatments are bi-weekly for 5 weeks.

$90 / Series of 8 - $648


Rosacea Membership

For those that suffer with chronic Rosacea, this on-going course of treatments combines IPL PhotoFacial with Omnilux LED Red Light on a monthly basis to continually combat persistent redness caused by freckles, veins, dilated blood vessels, persistent redness, flushing, inflammation, erythema and acne-like breakouts.

$252/ month, 6 month minimum commitment