vFit PLUS: Intimate Wellness Solution

vFit PLUS: Intimate Wellness Solution


vFit PLUS is the world’s first non-hormonal, non-invasive intimate wellness solution that uses a patented combination of low level light, gentle heat, and sonic technology to encourage blood flow, which aids natural hydration – helping you improve moisture, sensation, pleasure, and intimacy, all from the privacy of your home.

vFit PLUS is the professional model available exclusively through medical professionals with additional features to allow you to experience better results faster – additional LED power, longer session times, and more features to help achieve maximum results faster. 

How to Use

Getting started is easy! First, be sure to charge your vFit PLUS for at least 12 hours before first use. We recommend you use a clear, water-based gel to help with insertion of the device. Apply a desired amount of gel – a dime-sized amount is a good starting point. Next, turn on your vFit PLUS by pressing the power button. Choose your light mode and press the button to get started. Then lie back, relax, and know you're improving your intimate wellness.

Use your device regularly. As with any exercise regimen, it takes time to notice results. In a consumer study, women used their devices every other day for 10 minutes per day. Over the course of 60 days, women noticed an improvement in intimate wellness, enhanced comfort and pleasure with intercourse, and increased confidence. They then used the device on an ongoing basis, once or twice per week for maintenance. As we all know, you must continue to work out in order to maintain your great results.

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