Laser Tattoo Removal


Lasers have long since become the standard treatment to tattoo removal because they offer minimally invasive, low risk, effective results and minimal side effects. The Alex TriVantage builds upon the proven performance of the Q-switched Alex 755nm, 1064 and 532nm wavelengths.

With the addition of our PicoWay device, we find the additional laser wavelengths are creating a new paradigm for optimal tattoo removal. Pico second devices can offer faster and more complete response. Your treatment may involve a combination of these lasers.

No need to suffer with a mistake, bad decision, poor workmanship or depression because of your tattoo. You can have a fresh start. At Medical Aesthetics of the Hudson Valley, we can help you become ink free or prepare for a cover up. We can remove all or part of a tattoo.


Does Laser tattoo removal hurt?

Everyone has a different threshold. We do our best to minimize the discomfort associated with this procedure. Many describe it as a “hot rubber band snap.” We utilize a high power Zimmer cooler that blows cold air over the area we are treating. We also use a topical numbing cream.


How much does it cost to remove my tattoo?

During your consultation we will measure your tattoo and give you a custom price. This price is based on the size as well as complexity associated with your tattoo. Our practice works with clients of all income levels. We participate with for easy financing.


How many treatments to remove my tattoo?

Laser tattoo removal can be a long and slow process. You will need multiple treatments. There are many variables in play.
Be patient. There are variations in ink color, chemical composition, depth and density. Tattoo removal depends on the body’s individual immune system response. Predicting how many treatments is an educated guess at best. Everyone responds differently. However, we do know that amature tattoos can be easier than professional tattoos to remove. Professional tattoos can take more than a dozen treatments and still be visible. Bright colors, yellow, pink and white can be difficult but not impossible to remove.


How frequently do I treat my tattoo?

Slow and steady wins the race! Laser tattoo removal depends on your own body’s immune system to clear the ink. We recommend treating every six weeks to allow for proper healing and to help you get the most value from your laser treatment. As the tattoo becomes more faded, waiting longer periods, up to six months or more, is frequently recommended.


Is there scarring for laser tattoo removal?

Please tell us if you have keloid scars or a tendency to have abnormal scars. Scarring is a risk with any laser procedure, however with the lasers we use the risk is low. However, proper pre-procedure and post procedure care is vital to minimize scarring.


What should I do before my laser tattoo removal treatment?

Your tattoo must stay out of the sun before and after treatment. Do not use tanning beds, self tanners, tanning creme. Please avoid photosensitizing medication and tell us if you are on antibiotics.


What can I expect after my laser tattoo treatment?

After your laser treatment, you can expect your tattoo to turn white, be swollen, red and occasionally have pinpoint bleeding. This is normal and may last a few hours. It may feel like a sunburn. We will cover your tattoo with ointment and a bandage. It is important to keep the area clean, and covered. You may use ice packs if needed. You should avoid direct sun exposure and tanning beds and use a broad spectrum Sunscreen. Do not pick or scratch the area as this can lead to hypopigmentation.



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