Got Crepe?

Crepey skin on the arms and knees can be disheartening as we age.

We eat right, exercise and apply moisturizer.  We jokingly call this downdog knees. When we begin yoga, perhaps in our 40s and 50’s we begin to view our knees in an unflattering angle. This can be the first glimpse into ageing skin. But even if you don’t go to yoga, you may begin to notice leathery skin on the upper knees and arms. This phenomenon is usually caused from sun exposure which causes a breakdown in elastin and collagen. Over time, this breakdown of the structure of the skin causes thin, paper like, leathery wrinkled and crinkled skin. So how can you reverse and repair this?

Avoid the sun. It makes it worse. Use sunscreen and a rash guard.

Go towards in-office treatments:

Radio frequency like Thermage and 3 Deep will stimulate the collagen. Radio frequency, delivered through microneedles (RF Microneedling) Intensif will improve laxity and texture and stimulate the collagen.

Injectables like Radiesse act as a  bio stimulator that improve flaccidity, loose hanging skin and wrinkles. 

Use a Peptides and Retinoids:

Peptides signal the body to produce new collagen fibers thus firming the skin and softening wrinkles. Retinoids also stimulate the collagen and speed up cellular turnover. 

We love Alastin TransForm Body with peptides and The Chemistry Brand Retin Oil.

A combination of any of these treatments will significantly improve the appearance while more importantly regenerate the skin and improve its elasticity and firmness. Don’t go down without a fight.