Got jowls? (or) Help I've fallen...

Got jowls?

I know, it's all falling down. Hollowness the the midface and jowls along the jaw line. Not a great look. Are you going for a face lift? That’s the first question to ask yourself. Surgical results are fantastic for the jowls and jawline definition, but if the answer is NO, then let’s talk about non invasive options for the jowls and jawline. Fillers aren’t just for filling and adding more volume. Fillers can slim, define and contour the jawline. Fillers can help look the neck look more defined, too. By adding fillers that act like bone, we can lift the tissue, strengthen, tighten and define the lower face.


First thing we look at is mid face hollowing. Simply restoring volume in the cheeks can improve the lower face so think about fillers in the midface. We have a couple of different fillers that are great in the midface. Restore volume, contour high cheekbones and lift the skin back to where it should be.

Skin Tightening:

Obviously! You gotta retrain the skin. We need to remind the tissue where to go. Skintightning is wonderful for the jowls and jawline. 3Deep, Thermage and Intensif are excellent in helping to define the jawline.

More fillers:

Carefully placed fillers in the jawline and chin  can contour and hide jowls by simply pulling and lifting tissue for a defined sharp jawline. Amazing for women and men.

These treatments combined are natural looking and simply smashing. Everyone is doing it. Don’t be late to the party.