Fillers, fillers fillers and more fillers (or) Don’t be afraid of looking like a housewife.

So many times a day when we discuss fillers people say “I don’t want to look like a housewife.” You choose, Beverly Hills, Atlanta, New Jersey or whichever one you like. In some ways this helps us, because it draws attention to our industry and makes cosmetic treatments like botox and fillers mainstream. However, when the work is bad, overdone, too much or too noticeable that’s ALL we see. We think that “ALL fillers will make me look like that.” But that’s simply not the case. Bad work that gives fillers a bad reputation. Fillers when injected properly can make a beautiful natural looking impact. We LOVE facial fillers. When fillers are done properly, they are natural and beautiful. Several years ago, filler manufactures made us think we shouldn’t have smile lines. But now we know smile lines are beautiful, natural and can actually be left alone in many cases. Yet, marketing and advertising are so powerful that people still ask us to fill the nasolabial folds. Join me as I share my favorite place to use facial fillers and it’s NOT in the nasolabial folds!

Mid face facial fillers:

As we age we lose our fat pads. These fat pads are literally holding up our skin. As the fat pads begin to deteriorate, the skin becomes saggy and lax giving us the deaded jowls. By simply restoring the volume in the cheeks that used to be there we can improve and lift the lower face. Mid face Facial fillers are the first place to fill because they contour, lift, replace volume and improve the lower face before we ever fill the lower face. By simply restoring what used to be there, you will look rested, healthy and more youthful. By carefully augmenting the cheeks we can conture and make you a little more stunning. You’ll actually have high sculpted cheeks where you can contour and highlight.

A beautiful face is like an inverted triangle with the pointy part facing down at the chin 🔻       We like the lower face to be thin and narrow with the chin being the most narrow point.

We want the cheeks to be the widest part of the inverted triangle.  Filling the midface will help restore that illusion. Thin at the bottom chin, full in the cheeks for the correct angle, proportion and a more youthful, healthy look. Fillers in the midface need to be durable, strong and long lasting. We have a couple of great option in the office. You may need several syringes for full correction. Or just for fun. Because you can and they look great.