What can you do for my neck? (or) How to have a good neck.

What's the best way to treat my neck?

I don’t need to tell you because you might be noticing already, but as we age, lots of activity happens in the neck. The neck skin is different than the face or body. The tissue  and muscles are a little bit thinner and weaker. We’ve gotten really good about taking care of our face by using sunscreen and wearing hats, but our fragile necks somehow get left out. Here’s my short list and where to start for the neck.

Preventative skin care for the neck:

Use vitamin C and sunscreen daily. Make sure you rub the entire neck including the back of the neck, ideally to the collar bone.  Make sure to bring all your products all the way down. In the evening make sure your using a specially designed neck product. My favorite is Nectifirmit because It contains eight peptides and microbiome technology which reduces the appearance of adipose tissue and rough, crepey skin. This is the bare minimum. I don’t recommend Vitamin A, Retinoids or tretinoin for the neck. It’s just too delicate wand fragile and the burn isn’t worth it. (Trust me. I’ve tried. Several times. With nothing but a red sore irritated neck for weeks.)

Try to sleep on your back.

Your face will thank you too. Wrinkles my friend.

Stop looking down so much.

Scrolling and looking down it causes “interneck” (sore neck and wrinkles).

Moisturize, moisturize moisturize.

Drop in and I’ll show you my favorite.

Take Omegas at night before you go to bed.

Fatty acids help repair collagen, so taking it a bed at night increases the chance that it will be used for skin repair.

This is my bare bones absolute must for the neck. Read next month's blog about my favorite in office treatments.

gale wolfe