Make that unwanted tattoo disappear! (or) Yesterday’s tattoo? It can be history

Diamonds may be forever, but other kinds of treasured artistry can easily go out of fashion. It’s possible the tattoo you acquired and loved a decade ago just doesn’t fit your current lifestyle. Worse yet, that body art could represent a mistake, poor workmanship or a decision you now regret. Is there a way to get a literal clean slate…to remove an unwanted tattoo safely and affordably? Definitely yes!  

The specialists at Medical Aesthetics of the Hudson Valley stand ready to make that tattoo history. So you no longer have to wear your heart on your sleeve, or the name of an ex on your back!

The science: For years, lasers have been the treatment of choice for tattoo removal. Laser techniques are known to be safe, minimally invasive and highly effective at getting rid of unwanted ink while saving your skin. And as the need for tattoo removal has grown, the technology has only gotten better.