For beautiful skin, think Red, Light and Blue 

No matter what your age or your lifestyle, it’s likely you sometimes look in the mirror and see a less-than-perfect complexion. Maybe acne breakouts are your personal trouble spot.  Perhaps it’s those fine lines that seem not-so-fine on your face. Redness may be a troublesome issue, particularly if stress is the unwelcome culprit. Or perhaps you just want to put your best face forward, giving your complexion an overall lift and more youthful glow. If so, it’s time to see the light!

We’re talking about Omnilux Light Therapy—an easy, non-invasive and actually stress-relievingprocedure that works in numerous ways to give you beautiful skin. Utilizing two different kinds of light—red and blue—Omnilux can reduce visible signs of aging, minimize fine lines, boost collagen production, and even treat acne. So Omnilux doesn’t just shine a light on your skin problems—it helps make them disappear!

With Omnilux Light Therapy, different lights offer different benefits:

Omnilux Revive (red light) penetrates deep into the skin: not only does it reduce inflammation and redness, but it stimulates the activity of fibroblasts to increase collagen production.  The beautiful results? Skin plumps up so that lines and wrinkles become less noticeable. And skin tone becomes more even, less red and blotchy.

Omnilux Blue (blue light) is specifically designed to treat active acne.  By delivering a exactly precise wavelength of pure blue light, Omnilux Blue kills bacteria and brings anti-inflammatory action to the deeper skin layers. It also stabilizes sebum (oil) production below the skin line to help stop breakouts before they start. Pores also become less noticeable.