Youthful Skin

Unlock the Secret to Youthful Skin

With so much information, tips, tricks and advice, it’s very discouraging at times to know where to begin with caring for your skin. Stores are stock piled with numerous products touting what each can do to give you more youthful skin. Magazines are constantly marketing the latest and greatest products that we NEED to buy in order to look young and fresh again. Television is also constantly pushing us and telling us what to do look ten to twenty years younger. It can be overwhelming to say the least. Where do we begin when it comes to our skin health and youth? We at Medical Aesthetics of the Hudson Valley are here to make that easy and simple for you.
I am going to reveal to you the secret of how to make your skin glow with vitality and a more beautiful appearance. This secret is why so many celebrities have perfect, youthful skin. The best part is that it’s easy and something that you can do every day and should be doing. The key element in all of this is exfoliation. Let’s discuss this a little further.
As we age, our skin’s cellular turnover slows down making our skin less plump, more uneven and sallow. Over time, the collagen fibers in our skin become lax, break down and the structure our skin loosens, causing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The dead skin at the epidermis constantly builds and does not allow our products to penetrate effectively. We end up looking tired, gaunt and wonder where that beautiful, baby plumped skin we once had has gone to.

When we exfoliate the dead skin from the epidermis, it stimulates our blood cells and collagen fibers to “wake up” and start acting young again. With routine exposure to alpha hydroxy, peels, and microdermabrasion, we can turn back the clock and once again have fresh, beautiful, glowing skin. With continual stimulation to the epidermal cells, you will begin to notice a wonderful change in your skin. Most importantly, exfoliating is for all skin types. Whether you have acne, dry skin, oily, sensitive or combination skin, a mild exfoliation will get you back on track to more radiant skin.
So let’s make people wonder what your secret is and how you can keep maintaining a youthful look. Fight breakouts and keep those wrinkles at bay. Let’s pave the way to a blemish free, flawless new you!