Super Sexy with Coolsculpting!

It’s time to get serious and get rid of the unwanted stubborn fat.

No diet, no additional exercise. We absolutely LOVE this procedure!

Why do we love Coolsculpting?

It works. It works well. It works fast.
So what IS Coolsculpting?
Coolsculpting is a non-invasive body contouring procedure designed to get rid of areas of stubborn fat. This is not a treatment for obesity or a replacement for a healthy lifestyle. No needles, incisions or compression garments. Perfect for spare tires, love handles, bra fat, abdominals, saddle bags, inner thighs, just to name a few.
How does Coolsculpting work?
Coolsculpting uses cryolypolisis to freeze your fat. Coolsculpting uses this controlled cold technology to target and kill fat cells. We are born with a finite number of fat cells. They get bigger as we gain weight and they shrink when we lose weight. The only way to permanently reduce the number of fat cells is through liposuction or cryplypolisis. Once these fat cells are removed through the Coolsculpting procedure, they are gone permanently. Yes, the remaining fat cells can grow if you gain weight, but the cells that are gone through the Coolsculpting procedure are gone for good. After your Coolsculpting treatment you will have fewer fat cells in the treated area.
So what IS Coolsculpting?
The Coolsculpting procedure is performed in the privacy of our office. We prepare you by marking your areas of concern and making you very comfortable. We apply a cooling gel pad, then apply the applicator to the areas of concern. The applicators use suction to draw the tissue into the applicator cup. You will feel tugging and pulling as we apply the applicator. After about 5-8 minutes the cooling plates numb the area and you are free to read, watch tv, check your email or nap. After the one-hour cycle, we massage the area and reapply the applicator to the next area.

With each application you can expect 20-25% reduction of fat in the treated area. Within about three weeks you will begin seeing and feeling a reduction of fat in the treated area. With
Your clothes become looser. You WILL see and feel a difference.

This procedure is revolutionizing fat reduction. It’s reliable, predictable and an easy HOME RUN. Take the next step to looking better.