Tattoo Removal

Picoway: Fastest Tattoo Removal in the Hudson Valley

No need to suffer with a mistake, bad decision, poor workmanship or depression because of your tattoo.  You can have a fresh start.  At Medical Aesthetics of the Hudson Valley, we can help you become ink free or prepare for a cover up. We can remove all or part of a tattoo.

Lasers have long since become the standard treatment to tattoo removal because they offer minimally invasive, low risk, effective results and minimal side effects. The Alex TriVantage builds upon the proven performance of the Q-switched Alex 755nm, 1064 and 532nm wavelengths.

However, the last couple of years, pico second devices have become the darling of tattoo removal for some very compelling reasons:
PicoWay Technology
40% shorter pulses than any other treatment
Highest peak power
Dual wavelength technology
These second generation pico second lasers are high powered and innovatively engineered to offer better clearance with fewer treatments. These ultra-short pulse duration takes advantage of an intense photomechanical impact to shatter the target into tiny particles easily eliminated from the body. As with the Alex Trivantage, the PicoWay uses dual wavelength technology. These two wavelengths allow us to treat the multicolor tattoos.  These high peak power rates combined with a short pulse means you are getting the most effective laser tattoo removal with the least damage to the surrounding tissue. Because the PicoWay is faster, it removes pigment more efficiently and requires fewer sessions.
Less discomfort
Complete tattoo removal
Fewer sessions
Less damage to surrounding tissue
Faster recovery time
Dual wavelengths
Ultra-short Picosecond pulses