New Year

New Year. New You. (Again)

It happens every year. Resolutions. We try to take note and do better. But we all know, it’s hard, really hard.  At least we “try.”  We feel bad when we fail. So instead of setting yourself up for a fail this year, try to set yourself up for a win!  Focus on the positive. Work on things you know you can improve. Stop the things that are most harmful and sabotage us, because you’ll get the highest reward. I know, I know, it’s hard. But if you can stop 2 things, you can really change your skin (and your health).
In the skincare business one of the most harmful things we see is smoking. If you want to have better skin, you have to stop smoking. Never mind the other health implications, stop because you will look better. Your skin will return to a healthy color and less sallow after you stop the chronic exposure to the free radicals. We have lots of great in office treatments like laser resurfacing with 1540 or Thermage to combat the wrinkles left.
Another easy thing to do if you want better skin for 2016 is to stop tanning. The sun wreaks havoc on your skin. The leathery, deflated spotty remains of sun damage can be minimized with in office treatments like fillers, lasers and retinoids, but why try to fix damage you can easily avoid.

Use sunscreen every day. It will do wonders for your skin.

So for the best looking skin you can have, stop smoking and stop tanning.


gale wolfe