Why We Love Photofacials and IPL

Yes, we all want to have youthful beautiful clear complexion. We want a round face with bright skin. Regular Photofacials can give you the skin you want. Here is a few, easy to understand reasons why they are so fantastic and absolutely necessary:
Photofacials Correct. Sun Damage, brown spots, age spots whatever you call them, the photofacial can correct brown things. Veins, vessels, red spots, redness associated with Rosacea, photofacial can correct redness. Photofacials even out your skin tone and reduce unwanted discoloration.

Photofacials Maintain. Photofacials maintain healthy skin.

Photofacials Delay Aging Skin. Regular photofacials slow down the way the skin ages. Photofacials rejuvenate gene expression. Photofacials make the skin behave like young skin cells.

Photofacials make you look great and keep you looking great. No matter what you age there are benefits. You can treat your face neck, chest and almost anywhere on the body. We recommend a series of 4-5 initial treatments. After that routine photofacials, about 4 times a year for maintenance. They more treatments you have the better your skin looks.  We can do photofacials any time of the year as long as you are using a daily SPF 30 and NOT tan. Sun exposure and lasers do NOT mix.