Hormonal Skin

Hormonal Skin

“Hormonal” usually has a negative connotation to it.

We often use it to describe our bad skin during certain times in our cycle. We use the word hormonal to describe aggressive or erratic behavior. But hormones are a very natural normal part of our incredible intricate wondrous human body. When our hormones are out of whack or changing we feel it and we see the change in our skin.

When we are young teenagers we feel and see the effects of androgens. Androgens stimulate the oil glands in the skin. When the oil glands are over stimulated by androgens, we get acne flare ups. Androgens are also responsible for hair growth.

As young women mature, the “girl hormone” estrogen plays an important role. Throughout the menstrual cycle, estrogen levels rise and fall often having a strong effect on the skin. Most women are acutely aware of the breakouts we get before or during our periods. This type of break out is often different or noteworthy than regular acne breakouts.  Birth control pills can directly impact these break outs. Women are routinely put on birth control as a means to control acne. There are risks associated with oral contraceptives, so please consult with your healthcare provider. Going on or off or changing pills can also lead to breakouts.

During pregnancy, fluctuations can lead to increase in melanin, full body breakouts or dry, rough patchy skin.

As we age, a drop in estrogen will cause dryness, reduction in elasticity and a collagen weakness resulting in skin sensitivity, loss of volume and wrinkles.

Stress hormones, cortisol and norepinephrine will also have an impact on both men and women. These hormones react with estrogen, testosterone and androgens thus causing stress breakouts.

What is the best way to treat your hormonal skin? First off, relax. Take a deep breath and calm down. Reduce stress! Next, treat what is happening currently, not what your skin used to be. Don’t try to use your old products to treat what is happening now, as they may not be the correct products to treat your skin in its current condition.

Come in the office and let us evaluate your skin and take care of you. Trying to treat yourself may actually make things worse and cause more stress.