Winter Skin

Combat Winter Skin

As we prepare for the holidays, shop till we drop, ring in the new year, we realize that without a doubt, winter is here. We’ve had lots of snow already BEFORE Thanksgiving!  Snow tires, Uggs, mittens and caps, they are all here to stay for a few months.

Winter can wreak havoc on your skin. It can leave us dry and chapped and the low humidity, wind and indoor heating makes our complexions dull. (I prefer to be radiant year-round!)

Here are a few helpful hints to get us through the long winter.
1.    Limit Tub Time: Sometimes I get so cold to the bone and the only thing that warms me is a long soak in a tub. But longer than 15 minutes can strip away protective oils which help lock in moisture. So keep the tub time to 15 minutes…Don’t make it too hot.
2.    Use a Gentle Cleanser: Avoid harsh cleansers like salicylic or benzoyl peroxide. Don’t strip away natural moisturizers. Instead, use EltaMD Gentle Foaming Cleanser with a Clairsonic Mia2 Brush. You’ll be able to use less cleanser and get a great deep clean. 
3.    Go Easy on the Drying: After you get out of the shower or bath don’t dry off completely. Gently pat yourself down as opposed to aggressively rubbing your skin with the towel. Pat or blot your body dry so you leave a light layer of moisture. 
4.    Moisturize Twice a Day: It’s most important to moisturize after a shower or bath and if you read the above paragraph, you already know you have a little bit of water on your skin, so now’s the time! I like the products that have lactic acid in them to exfoliate AND hydrate and protect. You can get a really good generic at many of the local pharmacies. Ask them for an ammonium lactate body cream. They make your body smooth and silky without being greasy. For the face, we love EltaMD Intense Moisture.  It retains 90% of skin’s moisture for at least 12 hours.
5.    Stop Using Hand Sanitizer: They are way too drying! (Not to mention that altering your body’s natural defense system isn’t great either). Wash your hands with plain old soap and tepid water and rub! If you want to avoid getting sick, keep your hands away from your face. 
6.    Get a Humidifier: Radiators, forced hot air, wood stoves and many of the things that keep us cozy dry the day lights out of us. Keeping a humidifier going in your bedroom at night while you sleep will keep you skin more hydrated and moisturized. You’ll be able to breathe easier too. An easy way to add moisture to the air is by putting a teapot or soup pot filled with water on the radiator or woodstove.
7.    Sleep More: Take a hint from the bears. Sleep more. The many benefits of sleep are well documented. It’s easy to see the benefits in your skin tone, texture and overall condition of the skin is improved when you are well rested. Try to sleep on your back. It’ll prevent lines and wrinkles.
8.    Drink More Water: Drink up! It hydrates from the inside out. Plumps, firms and flushes out toxins. Water improves elasticity and vibrancy.
9.    Eat Right: You are what you eat. Eat lots of food high in essential fatty acids like avocado and antioxidant rich foods like blueberry, red beans, pinto beans, cranberry and artichoke. A super clean diet = healthier beautiful skin.