Vampire Facial

Why you’ll want a “Vampire Facelift…”

At one time, anything to do with vampires was a bit suspect, a tad scary. But in recent years, popular culture seems to have embraced this trend - witness the popularity of  “The Vampire Diaries” the “Twilight” series and “True Blood.” Now, there’s even a type of “facelift” whose benefits seem as mystical and out-of-this world. The good news is: No blood is spilled! 

“The Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Facial Lift,” sometimes nicknamed the “vampire facelift,” is actually a fabulous new treatment that combines the benefits of two modern technologies. The “lift” you get requires no cutting, no going under the knife, no scars. Instead, the PRP Facial Lift relies on dermal fillers along with a process that gives you a kind of customized “fountain of youth,” all by using your own blood.

How is that possible? The process begins when vials of your own blood are placed in a machine called a centrifuge (so yes, some blood is taken from your arm - but that’s where it begins and ends).  From there, the blood is spun at very high speeds so that the red blood cells are separated from a rich golden substance called platelet rich plasma, or PRP.  PRP is that vital blood component responsible for stopping bleeding and aiding in healing. Physicians often use PRP in surgery; it’s also commonly injected to help repair conditions such as tendonitis and tennis elbow.

This compound, a naturally healing agent, can also help give your complexion a youthful makeover. Once your own PRP is collected from the centrifuge, it’s mixed with one of the injectable agents such as Juvéderm or Restylane. This helps give these dermal fillers a kind of supercharged boost. When mixed, the two “ingredients” work in tandem: The dermal filler plumps up lines and wrinkles, while the PRP gets into the tissues to helps stimulate natural collagen production. So you get the equivalent of a beauty one-two punch: Instant volume, plus longer-lasting results.

Since PRP also aids in circulation, the “The Platelet Rich Plasma Facial Lift,” will give your complexion a healthy glow, with the proverbial “rosy cheeks” of youth. So give yourself a lift…vampire style!