Chin Fat Reduction 101 With FDA-Approved Kybella

If your double chin has been a nagging annoyance, here’s some very uplifting news! A new treatment called Kybella has recently been approved by the FDA. It’s a true breakthrough that promises to give you a smoother, sleeker chin line more easily than ever.

Up till now, the only way to banish a double chin has with liposuction. While chin lipo is effective, it still entails surgery and involves some down time (plus, you have to wear a cumbersome compression garment through the healing process). By contrast, Kybella is a fat dissolving injection, an easy lunchtime procedure. Not only does a Kybella treatment mean much less downtime, but it’s a non-surgical option for reducing that stubborn wattle.

How does Kybella work? It’s an acid that automatically melts cell membranes. Once those membranes are destroyed, their “melted” remnants are flushed from the body (which is to say, you pee it all out).  Each treatment involves about 50 injections to the chin area, all within less than an hour.  It takes up to six treatments, no less than one month apart, to achieve the desired results--so the effect is gradual. People will notice you keep looking better and better!

As with any injection, you might experience some minor bruising and swelling with Kybella. Redness, numbness, and some hardness in the injection site are other possible side effects. For that reason, patients sometimes opt to have treatments on a Thursday or Friday, since the swelling typically subsides over a weekend. Or you can be a fashionista and simply camouflage signs of treatment with an artful neck scarf.

Since Kybella seems like such a miracle, you might wonder, "Can this be injected into my love-handles, saddlebag thighs, buttocks, bra roll...?” The short answer is “no,” since the FDA has also approved its use for the chin area right now. But chin up…with Kybella, your facial contours can look lovelier than ever!