PRP – What’s it all about?

PRP. It’s a thing. It’s everywhere right now.

From Kim Kardashian West to hair restoration and acne scars, Platelet Rich Plasma is taking over the beauty world. Well known but often misunderstood, let’s dispel the myths and make it understandable.

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How to age well.

Whether your in your 20s or 60s, now is the time to start caring for the future YOU.

We live long. We can expect to live longer lives than our parents and grandparents. We have more knowledge and information on how to increase longevity. We want to be in the best condition we can. I’m not only focusing on how we look, but how are body and brain bring us in to our 80s and 90s!

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What’s the deal with retinoids?

You've heard us say it every day in the office. “You’ve gotta be on a Vitamin A derivative.”

Vitamin A products, also called retinoids, are generally broken down into 3 categories that you've probably heard of: Retinol, Tretinoin and Accutane. So what’s what? Simply put, retinoids are a group of Vitamin A products. These have a long-studied, proven track record in skincare. 

These compounds help regulate cell growth, which is very important for beautiful, healthy, clear, wrinkle-free skin. Retinoids are the gold standard for acne and anti-aging. 

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Got Crepe?

Crepey skin on the arms and knees can be disheartening as we age. We eat right, exercise and apply moisturizer.  We jokingly call this downdog knees. When we begin yoga, perhaps in our 40s and 50’s we begin to view our knees in an unflattering angle. This can be the first glimpse into ageing skin. But even if you don’t go to yoga, you may begin to notice leathery skin on the upper knees and arms. This phenomenon is usually caused from sun exposure which causes a breakdown in elastin and collagen. Over time, this breakdown of the structure of the skin causes thin, paper like, leathery wrinkled and crinkled skin. So how can you reverse and repair this?

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Upper lip lines (or) Smokers lines and I don’t even smoke!

I know, you've never smoked a cigarette in your life. It’s so unfair to wrongly characterize ALL of us. Those pesky upper lip wrinkles that make us crazy. By simply living, laughing, eating and drinking we are developing upper lip lines. Well thankfully we’re not going to tell you to stop all that activity but there are some things you can do to mitigate and soften those upper lip wrinkles. History shows us the best results come from combination therapies.

Our best cases have been from clients who commit to several different treatments to really attack those upper lip wrinkles on several levels. These wrinkles develop from repeated use. The underlying muscles are dynamic, meaning they move. A LOT. When we treat upper lip wrinkles we may suggest several different treatments including fillers, microneedling and Botox. There isn’t one magic bullet! Here is an overview:

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Low face got ya down? (or) Marionette lines and sad face fillers:

Ok, we know the best shape for a healthy, youthful, looking face is an inverted triangle🔻 (read the last blog for more on that)

Day after day women want to know how to fix the lower third of the face: Marionette lines, jowls nasolabial folds and laugh lines. We pray for an easy fix, one thing that can fix it all. But often it's not actually treating that area first. When we do a facial assessment, we first need to consider the mid face in relation to the lower face. If there is volume loss in the midface and cheeks, we want to fill that first. The last thing we want to do is add filler to an already heavy lower face. It squares off the lower face in an unnatural and unflattering way.

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Fillers, fillers fillers and more fillers (or) Don’t be afraid of looking like a housewife.

Fillers, fillers fillers and more fillers (or) Don’t be afraid of looking like a housewife

So many times a day when we discuss fillers people say “I don’t want to look like a housewife.” You choose, Beverly Hills, Atlanta, New Jersey or whichever one you like. In some ways this helps us, because it draws attention to our industry and makes cosmetic treatments like botox and fillers mainstream. However, when the work is bad, overdone, too much or too noticeable that’s ALL we see. We think that “ALL fillers will make me look like that.” But that’s simply not the case. Bad work that gives fillers a bad reputation. Fillers when injected properly can make a beautiful natural looking impact. We LOVE facial fillers. When fillers are done properly, they are natural and beautiful. Several years ago, filler manufactures made us think we shouldn’t have smile lines. But now we know smile lines are beautiful, natural and can actually be left alone in many cases. Yet, marketing and advertising are so powerful that people still ask us to fill the nasolabial folds. Join me as I share my favorite place to use facial fillers and it’s NOT in the nasolabial folds!

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Intimate wellness (or) Take good care of your vagina:

Intimate wellness (or) Take good care of your vagina:

For people who have vaginas you know we like to keep ourselves in tip top shape. Our vagina requires attention and detail. In the last couple of years there has been an absolute explosion of vaginal hygiene products in the market.  (I’m totally opposed to products that are vaginal fragrance or deodorant and am so tired of chemicals, pink packaging and misogynistic advertising. Give me a break!)

The entire vaginal hygiene space is SO loud and confusing right now but I’m happy this conversation has become mainstream. At last we can openly discuss our vaginas! Hallelujah. There are several great options for vaginal rejuvenation. These procedures can give you a better function and more pleasure. Let me give you the low down on the down under.

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Got jowls? (or) Help I've fallen...

Got jowls?

I know, it's all falling down. Hollowness the the midface and jowls along the jaw line. Not a great look. Are you going for a face lift? That’s the first question to ask yourself. Surgical results are fantastic for the jowls and jawline definition, but if the answer is NO, then let’s talk about non invasive options for the jowls and jawline. Fillers aren’t just for filling and adding more volume. Fillers can slim, define and contour the jawline. Fillers can help look the neck look more defined, too. By adding fillers that act like bone, we can lift the tissue, strengthen, tighten and define the lower face.

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Best in office treatments for the neck

We can’t always control the camera angle. Have you ever accidentally opened your camera on selfie mode? YIKES! The neck is a complicated little area on the body. We often get the face looking great without taking into consideration the neck. We need to care for the neck early on and not neglect the lower half of our upper self! Early intervention is best but it’s never too late to make it look better. The advances in technology have given us lots of amazing options for the neck. Here is a short list of issues and remedies for the aging neck:

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What can you do for my neck? (or) How to have a good neck.

What's the best way to treat my neck?

I don’t need to tell you because you might be noticing already, but as we age, lots of activity happens in the neck. The neck skin is different than the face or body. The tissue  and muscles are a little bit thinner and weaker. We’ve gotten really good about taking care of our face by using sunscreen and wearing hats, but our fragile necks somehow get left out. Here’s my short list and where to start for the neck.

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gale wolfe
Make that unwanted tattoo disappear! (or) Yesterday’s tattoo? It can be history

Diamonds may be forever, but other kinds of treasured artistry can easily go out of fashion. It’s possible the tattoo you acquired and loved a decade ago just doesn’t fit your current lifestyle. Worse yet, that body art could represent a mistake, poor workmanship or a decision you now regret. Is there a way to get a literal clean slate…to remove an unwanted tattoo safely and affordably? Definitely yes!  

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For beautiful skin, think Red, Light and Blue 

No matter what your age or your lifestyle, it’s likely you sometimes look in the mirror and see a less-than-perfect complexion. Maybe acne breakouts are your personal trouble spot.  Perhaps it’s those fine lines that seem not-so-fine on your face. Redness may be a troublesome issue, particularly if stress is the unwelcome culprit. Or perhaps you just want to put your best face forward, giving your complexion an overall lift and more youthful glow. If so, it’s time to see the light!

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Get the Profile You’ve Always Wanted (or) Your Perfect Profile Can Be Within Reach

Do you ever look in the mirror and think, My profile would look so much better if only I could only get rid of that double chin?This annoying facial feature is often the result of heredity, resistant to your best efforts at diet and exercise. So you might imagine a double chin—that unwanted “flaw” that can make you look older or heavier—will be with you for life.

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Coolsculpting is a non-invasive body contouring procedure designed to get rid of areas of stubborn fat. This is not a treatment for obesity or a replacement for a healthy lifestyle. No needles, incisions or compression garments. Perfect for spare tires, love handles, bra fat, abdominals, saddle bags, inner thighs, just to name a few.

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